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The 3 Ways To Make Money From A Junk Car That You Own

3 ways to make money from junk car

If you have a junk car lying around, then you know how much misery it can bring. You can easily deal with it and get cash against it. If it is in the worst condition, then you may even not care about the cash much; you’d just want to get rid of it.

In this article, we shall discuss with you the ways that you can deal with your junk car and make money. Before we start, we’d like to put out a fair disclaimer; please don’t plan your retirement on the funds you get from selling the junk car. Having realistic expectations can fill up your pockets with decent cash, and you can easily get rid of your junk car.

With that said, let’s jump into the 3 ways to get money against your junk cars. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll no longer need to search up the internet and find out how to sell my junk car. So let’s explore the ways to deal with your junk cars right away:

Piece it out

Not all parts of the car are equally valued. Some parts are worth more than others. Piecing out the car and selling parts separately can get you good money.

If you choose to go with this option, then you’ll have to find out a junkyard that deals in a shell of a car because not all junkyards are interested in purchasing a metal shell that’s left after you piece out the car. So make necessary arrangements before you piece out your car, and you can get yourself a pretty solid deal!

Piecing out can take some effort, but you can get some good money for your car if you manage to do it.


Metal prices vary throughout the year. If you decide to scrap the car, then you’ll need to wait till there’s enough demand for the metal to get a good price. Selling when the demand is high can get you a sweet deal for your metal. Probably better than any other option.

But there’s a catch here; you’ll need to wait. You’ll have to wait till the market offers you the right money for your metal. If you aren’t willing to wait, then this isn’t an option for you. Also, this isn’t the most viable option because people don’t usually have enough space to hold their junk cars. Even if they do, it can get super dirty and messy real quick.

The call is yours, but waiting can be a real test of your patience, and in the end, the money that you get may not be worth the wait!

Find the right junk car dealer

This is the sweet spot that brings you convenience and efficiency all at once. When you find the right junk car dealer, you’ll need not worry about piecing out the car or waiting for the metal prices to go up to get the top dollar.

When you choose the services of the right junk car dealer, you can easily get rid of the car on the same day. For example, with the best price cash for cars, you can easily get the estimated dollar value for your junk car online. Literally, just a few finder impressions on your phone, and you can find out what your car is worth.

With the best price cash for cars, you don’t even have to make the towing arrangements. The car shall be picked up from your place for free, and you’ll be paid the dollars the moment you turn in the car keys. This is the most convenient method and gets you good value for your junk cars that you wish to get rid of.

Final Words

Hopefully, you now know the ways to deal with your scrap cars. Depending on your expectations and your time constraints, you can choose the method that you like the best. However, selling the car to the junk car deal brings you absolute convenience and comfort.

If you are looking to sell your junk cars, then nudge us right away. The best price cash for cars will pick up the car from your location for free and pay you on the spot. We also take in cars without titles. So there is no more need for you to go online to figure out how to sell junk cars without a title. We offer such options to our clients as well. Just ping us, and we’ll set it all straight for you from there!

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