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junk my car in philadelphia

If you have been thinking of selling your junk car for cash in Philadelphia, pump the brakes of your vehicle before you allow a truck to forever tow it away!

That is because in most cases, your old car has some precious priceless items inside. Hence before letting your car be tucked away, try to make some quick and potential cash from it.

Always keep in mind that auto recycling companies are more interested in the elements inside your car. After all, auto recycling companies aim to transform someone’s trash into another person’s treasure.

This blog will help you identify the value you should take out of your car before selling away.

1) Check Windows, car doors, and every electrical component 

It has been estimated that around 6 million car accidents occur in the US every year. Aside from tragic injuries, this also means that there is an ever-increasing need to replace car parts. Particularly, your windows, car doors, and electrical components can bring you handsome cash.

2) Do not overlook the bumpers

As stated previously, a lot of car accidents transpire annually and most of them are fender benders and bumper crumplers. Thus, if the bumper of your car is still intact in one piece, you have an opportunity to make good out of it.  

3) Get the fenders

It might come to you as a surprise, but fender benders are quite common. That is because if someone has an unbroken fender, chances are that they will make themselves some serious cash.

Try to check out your local junkyards and see what types of parts are high in demand. This will give you an idea of how much junkers are ready to offer.

4) Inspect the exhaust fan

Normally the exhaust fans come pretty expensively, especially if they are equipped with catalytic converters.  Furthermore, exhaust fans play an integral role in controlling engine noise, fumes, and other poisonous emissions. That is why, before sending away your junk car, you should check if the exhaust fan is still functional.

5) Inspect the catalytic converters

Catalytic converters are essential to break down toxic fumes and transform them into water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. Each car that was manufactured after 1975 was demanded to have a catalytic convertor.

Today, many car owners are having trouble with replacing the tabs on their vehicles, and the exhaust systems are seemingly not working efficiently. Thus, if your new car has a good catalytic converter, head any company that offers cash for cars in Philadelphia and allow them to compensate you for it.

6) The cooling system is worth good money

Auto air conditioning repairs are downright one of the most expensive monetary investments on any car. This is precisely why most people refrain from getting their cooling system repaired.

That said, the service shops can easily access used cooling systems and save themselves from spending a fortune. A reliable mechanic can always come in handy. They can help you remove a cooling system so you can make quick cash out of it.

7) Do not forget the GPS

Mazda was the first company to introduce GPS devices in automobiles. This happened around 1990, and ever since then, manufacturers have been installing this device in vehicles.

Therefore, if your car was built after the 1990s, there are great chances it is equipped with a built-in GPS.  Hence, before discarding it away, you should give special consideration to the GPS. Any car dealer will agree to give you a lot of cash in exchange for a GPS.

8) Stereo systems are worthwhile

If your car is equipped with an after-market stereo system and speakers, you would most likely want to remove the car parts from the potential buyers.

Even if you own an original stereo system, you can quickly sell the system on an online platform and immediately get money.

In addition to being sold at a higher price, stereo systems are also relatively easy to remove. You only need a handful of tools from the toolbox that is probably at your place.

9) Airbags are good monetary alternatives

If your vehicle was manufactured in the 1970s, it would likely have some innovative ways to keep the passengers safe. One of such features is airbags.

Since airbag installation is costly today, many car owners prefer to turn to junk car dealers and show their interest in buying old airbags that can be functional and provide much-required safety solutions. Therefore if you have the right airbag that someone might need, you are likely to get a good amount in exchange for those. Being of the top-notch companies offering junk cars for cash today in Philadelphia, pa, expertise at cash for cars understands the importance and monetary value of some parts of junk cars. Thus, if you wish to learn more, reach out to Cash For Cars

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