US Kobe Beef, Mishima Reserve Wagyu beef, Whole Beef Tenderloin

US Kobe Beef, Mishima Reserve Wagyu beef, Whole Beef Tenderloin

PRE-ORDER REQUIRED. With a minimum marbling score of 8 -10, (Japanese Kobe beef has a score of 11-12) this top-grade Mishima Reserve Whole Beef Tenderloin is the ultimate cut of US Kobe beef. The grade of this Wagyu beef is A-4 to A-4.5, very close to the Japanese Kobe beef grade of A-5. Raised naturally in the hills of central California, Mishima Reserve's blend of Wagyu and Angus suits the American palate with extraordinarily flavorful, highly tender American style Kobe beef.

Mishima Reserve Wagyu beef is full flavored and healthier than other types of beef. This US Kobe beef has half the saturated fat and twice the unsaturated fat compared to other types of beef. Mishima Reserve Wagyu cattle are raised naturally without the use of added hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are bred from the highest quality Wagyu bloodlines bred with top quality Angus. All Mishima Reserve cattle are at least 50% Wagyu, and some have a much higher percentage. Starting with the best selection of cattle, Mishima Reserve Wagyu are raised in a comfortable, controlled environment, fed only high quality grains and grasses, resulting in a distinct beef with maximum flavor, tenderness and consistency.

This Mishima Reserve Whole Beef Tenderloin ships fresh in a styrofoam box with gel ice. This tenderloin should be consumed within a week to 10 days. Bring to room temperature before cooking. Wagyu beef should never be cooked more than medium rare. Ideally, the beef should be cooked so that the outside is crispy and the inside is rare, almost raw. WARNING: Prolonged exposure to heat will melt the fat in the meat's internal structure, causing the meat to be dry.

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9 lbs $560.00
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