Blue River label Caviar Royale Russian Oscietra Caviar

Blue River label Caviar Royale Russian Oscietra Caviar

Smooth, creamy, and fresh tasting caviar that rivals wild Russian caviar.
This phenomenal Russian Oscietra caviar (acipenser gueldensatedtii) is sourced, graded and packed in-house. Royale grade are medium sized eggs with a rich nutty taste. Color ranges from black to grey brown.

Enjoy caviar by the spoonful, or serve with with a mild base, such as lightly toasted challah bread or blinis. Since household refrigerators are usually too warm for caviar products, we suggest the following for proper storage: place a sealed bag of ice, or a frozen ice pack, on the caviar tin and place it in the coldest part of the refrigerator, usually the back; replenish the ice as it melts. If the coldest part of your refrigerator is under 36 degrees, ice is not necessary.

Stored properly, Blue River label Caviar will maintain its freshness for months. Once the tin is opened, we suggest you enjoy the product within two to three days.

20 grams (.70 oz) $95.00
30 grams (1.12 oz) $139.00
100 grams $460.00
50 grams $230.00
250 grams $1150.00
500 grams $2300.00
1000 grams $4600.00
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